sammler:bonsai version

Manage your bonsai collection

You love and take care your bonsai collection. And you like to document the history of each of your trees. With beautiful, atmospheric pictures or you just want to record when you have repottet your bonsai the last time.

Then »sammler:bonsai« will help you to manage your bonsai collection perfectly.

Take a closer look at the comprehensive capabilities of »sammler:bonsai« and see how it will support you to manage your bonsais.

You have a beautiful hobby - give it a stage!

Manage your bonsais

»sammler:bonsai« is an application that will help you manage your bonsai collection.

You can organize the collection by any criteria into categories and capture the specific characteristics of every bonsai you own.

Moreover, you can create photo albums of bonsais and record their cultivation and care in the form of a biography.

With the biography you document all events in the life of your bonsai. You can assign activities to events and highlight them in color.

So you can see at a glance when you for example have repotted your bonsai for the last time.

The biography presents the history of a tree in chronological order showing on one page all events applied to it.

Showcase your bonsais

»sammler:bonsai« allows you to store photos of a tree organized in albums by any criteria. The pictures can be taken directly using the built-in camera of your device or you can import existing photos.

In this way you can document the impressive development of your trees over a longer period of time.

Also, you can highlight albums in different colors and select a particularly impressive photo for the bonsai's summary card or for the app start-up page.

A convenient search function allows you to look for particular words across all bonsais, categories, biographies, photos and events which offers direct access to the contents of your collection.

You can also use statistical functions that provide a graphical representation of data as a bar chart or a doughnut graph (e.g., showing the distribution of bonsai types or bonsai styles in your collection).

For each bonsai you can create a printed flyer containing the main characteristics of the tree.

»sammler:bonsai« provides an easy-to-use interface which is equally suitable for touch devices as well as keyboard and mouse inputs, and supports all display sizes.

Free version with full functionality

The free version of »sammler:bonsai« has no functional limitations, so you can use all functions the app has to offer. However there are the following quantitative restrictions:

You can manage at most 7 bonsais, 35 pictures and 35 biography events.

By purchasing of expansion packages within the App, however, it is always possible to raise the limit values gradually or to remove the restrictions completely.


At a glance

  • Administration of a bonsai collection
  • Assignment of bonsais to arbitrary categories
  • Acquisition and maintenance of the properties of a bonsai
  • Displaying and printing flyer
  • Biography with events and activities for every bonsai
  • Creating and managing photo albums for every bonsai
  • Slideshow
  • Search function across all bonsais, categories, biography events and photos
  • Table listing of all bonsais with grouping, filtering and sorting
  • Statistical functions with graphical representation in form of bar charts or doughnut graphs
  • Local storage of all information, including database backup and restore function
  • Live tiles with bonsai preview