play a game

"repeat it!" follows a very clean design line. The game is composed of the four touch buttons, and a display area.

The display area itself contains a info panel, an area showing the score information and a button pane.

the info pane

All text messages are shown in the info pane. The countdown before a game starts, the achieving of a new level or your bonus score is displayed here.

It gives also information about the current game mode, direction and speed and if you are replaying a recorded game.

the score pane

The score pane shows your personal highscore of all game modes and games you have played.

The score of the current game is displayed in the center of the game.

Your current level is the third information on the score pane.

the button pane

With the buttons in the button pane you can pause the game or stop it. A paused game can be resumed by swiping-in the bottom bar and press the "resume" button.

The game will be resumed at the last completed level - the score is resetted to this level as well. Stopping a game sets the level and score back to zero.

the up bar

Pressing the pause or stop button or a swiping gesture brings up the up bar. With the back button you can leave the current game and navigate to the game hub.

When leaving it, the game is then frozen in the current state.

the bottom bar

Pressing the pause or stop button or a swiping gesture brings up the bottom bar. You can playback the current game by pressing the "playback" button. To resume the current game press the "resume" button.

The games will re-start at the last completed level and score. The "new game" button resets the score and level and starts a new game.