repeat it! Version 1.0

Check out your concentration and memory

Check out your concentration and memory - this cool game will shorten your waiting time and blasts away any boredom.

Choose out of several games modes, begin with the classic mode and boost yourself to the advanced ones.

Compare your personal scores and statistics with other players all over the world.

Lean back and have fun with »repeat it!

A modern and clean design

Do you remember the game from the 80's? Well - we have warp'ed it up into the 21st century. With a modern and very clean design and a lot of different game modes.

Your mission is to memorize the given sequence of lights and sounds ... and to repeat them in a given time and in the right order.

You can choose out of two different game modes (classic and shuffle), each in forward and reverse direction and three speeds. There are up to 10 levels - but believe us it seems to be nearly impossible to reach the last one - but who knows...

Global scores and statistics

The score is saved in your own ranking but you can compare your scores as well with the world-wide achieved scores - in case you allow access to your microsoft account.

And in addition to that there is a lot of statistics information where you can compare yourself with all the players outside.


At a glance

  • Memory game with lights and sounds
  • Different game modes and difficulties
  • Global score board and statistics
  • Recording and playback functionality
  • Personalized color settings